The product XTK is an option to either the layout viewer or editor product. XTK allows rapid interactive net tracing. It provides hierarchical signal tracing including any angle wiring. The result can be hilited in a number of colors or displayed in the wiring's true color. If combined with the plot option, the traced nets can be plotted for easy analysis. Other options include the ability to create a new cell with just the net and marking shorts when used in conjunction with strategy data. Setup is easy and only requires specifying which layers are interconnect and which are via layers. As always, XTK is significantly faster than competitive products. (IE think cadence "markNet" function on hyper-steroids.)

Screen shot of of two traced nets, one in red and on in white. In this case, all other wiring has been set invisible. Screen shot of same data except traced wiring has been set to draw in the layer's real color

XTK can also "replay" the trace. Because the net can be traced very quickly, often you want to see how the net is expanding and see it expand step by step. If the option to create a new window with the traced data is on, then the new window can replay the data much like a movie. The form below

will be displayed. Using the buttons on the form, you can single step the trace, or adjust the speed as desired. You can even play it backwards. The traced data can be saved for later replay if desired.

XTK can also locate shorts in gds data. In the first shot the top and bottom blue wires are shorted together thru some vias. The second shot shows the traced short in the short window. The short was traced by issueing the short locate command and clicking the 2 points shown in the image. Notice all of the elements that comprise the short are shown in the "normal" color and a single white path traces the short itself. The third shot shows the original window with the short traced. In the original window, the elements comprising the short are shown in yellow (or any color you choose) and the short path is shown in white. The short window provides a simpler image to trace the short while allowing you to correct the short in the original window. The locator is very easy to use requiring you only to identify an object on each net you think is shorted.

Both the short locator and trace commands are threaded, so if you have a machine with more than one processor, the command will use up to 4 processors to further reduce the elapsed time required for tracing. This is especially useful for tracing power and ground nets.

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