ssviewer is a reduced capability completely free version of our slam-view IC mask viewer. The free version does not provide the follwoing features that come with the paid version:
* Cross sectional viewing
* Loading/viewing of DRC error results from 3rd party DRC systems
* Tcl access to the database

All other features in the paid version are in the free version.

Select the appropriate version
64 bit linux 2.6 kernel,
64 bit linux 2.4+ kernel,
32 bit linux 2.2+ kernel or
ARM 32 bit linux 3.6 kernel(raspberry pi)
and install by untar-ing the file and add the directory {installedAt}/ssfre/bin to your search path. Start the program by typing the command ssviewer. The menu has a command Stream In, which can be used to convert a stream file to the Stabie-Soft data format. After conversion, simply open the structure that you want to look at. You can get more information by looking at the ascii help files in the /ssfre/doc directory, starting with the slam.doc file. These files can also be viewed inside ssviewer with the command
help slam
at the ssviewer prompt. The supplied library configuration files are in the directory /ssfre/userdefaults. You will probably want to create your own configuration files and possibly layer map files as well and put them in the userdefaults directory so they are easily available when streaming in and creating libraries.

Note the arm version is beta and has only been briefly tested on the raspberry pi. If there is sufficient interest, a full port of the software will be done for the raspberry pi. The raspberry port will likely work on other linux O/S ARM hardware. For the raspberry, best results use the HDMI output running at 1080 resolution to get more screen space. In testing, we used an external NFS mounted file system to hold the data and performance was surprising good.

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