For the fastest, largest capacity layout editor on the market, think Stabie-Soft. Our layout editor has a smaller memory footprint than the competition, runs multi-threaded on dual/quad x86-64/sparc machines and is easy to use. We also offer a few other products in the EDA space. Check out our products page for the full list.

In the coming months a new product line will be available. The new line incorporates a new database with the same look and feel as slam. The new line's database expands the current product's size capabilities to a huge 64 bit coordinate space(+/- 9,223,372,036,847.75807 microns at .01nm resolution, other resolutions can be set with corresponding range), much larger database capability (essentially limited only by memory) and increased color display options. If you are interested, early beta versions are available now. The new line continues to provide full Tcl access to the database.

Now shipping June 2016 3.8.1 release; The new release adds tab'ed graphic windows, so multiple designs can be within a single window, much like firefox tabs. Also added is support for different edit grids on a per layer basis. Previous changes from 3.7.1 include:

  • The Tcl/Tk engine has been upgraded to 8.6.
  • A new Mos device generator has been added. See the example/tlgExample directory for details.
  • Layer aliases have been added to the cfg so that you can reference a layer, say metal1, as m1 or M1 using synonyms. This helps both with letting different users refer to the layer with their preferred name as well as allowing device generators for different cfg files to be quickly ported by simply adding some layer aliases.
  • The create TLG command now allows user defined helps for the parameters. This lets the device generator author add helpful hints to what parameters do. The device generator author may also write either an ascii description file for the generator or a pdf description file and place it in the doc directory to provide descriptive help for the generator. The example180.pch.V4 device in the example180MosV4.tcl file has a pdf help file. You may also review the pgmCells_tutorial.pdf file for more information on both of these new features.
  • A minor change to layer maps. Please read the documentation for details.
  • A minor change to the way undo interacts with saving.

    You can take a look at our standard pricing here. A new perpetual license model is now available. Details here. Package and quantity discounts are available, please contact us for a specific quote.

    Maybe you need on-the-road editing/review. Consider loading our software onto your laptop. Maybe you can't edit that 10 gigabyte gds file on the laptop, but you probably CAN edit that 2GB one. Load up linux on that laptop and give it a try. When you dock the laptop, it can serve the license to a big box on your network that can edit that 12 gigabyte gdsii file.

    Link to sre editor.

    Link to beaglebone swimming pool controller.

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