For the fastest, largest capacity layout editor on the market, think Stabie-Soft. Our layout editor has a smaller memory footprint than the competition, runs multi-threaded on multi-core machines and is easy to use. Installation is a breeze and can usually be done in 10 minutes. Minimal dependencies (X11 is the only one) and so far has installed on every single Linux distribution, including laptops.

We also offer a few other products in the EDA space. Check out our products page for the full list.

Now shipping April 2017 3.8.3 release; The new release adds a a new hierarchy browser, improvements to spice in, DRC and LVS.

You can take a look at our standard pricing here. A new perpetual license model is now available. Details here. Package and quantity discounts are available, please contact us for a specific quote.

Link to sre editor.

Link to beaglebone swimming pool controller.

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