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For the fastest, largest capacity layout editor on the market, think Stabie-Soft. Our layout editor has a smaller memory footprint than the competition, runs multi-threaded on dual/quad x86-64/sparc machines and is easy to use. We also offer a few other products in the EDA space. Check out our products page for the full list.

A new port of the free gds viewer is available for the raspberry pi. Checkout the free viewer page for details.

Now shipping 3.6.4; Changes include:

  • The Tcl command edbGetCellCatInfo performance was increased 10X+ for large libraries.
  • Minor change in the way large polygons are split during streamin.
  • A new option to the DRC pkg vfWriteLayer command that creates a textual polygon file.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • A new command to create the Tcl code defining a TLG from a sample layout. The command examines the layout and builds the Tcl. This can dramatically reduce the time required to build the devices for a new process. Examples for resistor, diode, mos devices.
  • Additional control of the list of devices displayed by the Create TLG command depending on property values in the library configuration. This allows different libraries to display different device choices based on generic properties. For example a property HV could be defined that when active, adds the high voltage devices to the list of TLG's displayed.

    You can take a look at our standard pricing here. A new perpetual license model is now available. Details here. Package and quantity discounts are available, please contact us for a specific quote.

    Maybe you need on-the-road editing/review. Consider loading our software onto your laptop. Maybe you can't edit that 10 gigabyte gds file on the laptop, but you probably CAN edit that 2GB one. Load up linux on that laptop and give it a try. When you dock the laptop, it can serve the license to a big box on your network that can edit that 12 gigabyte gdsii file.

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